Covid Testing Clinic

After packing your bags and driving to the airport, the last thing you want to is to be surprised by the airline because your destination requires a Specific negative COVID-19 test. Clinic Testing offers a range of COVID-19 Tests that are sure to meet the travel requirements of almost every destination. Not everyone with COVID-19 develops symptoms. And not all symptomatic people develop all of the symptoms listed above. Please check with your healthcare provider if you’re feeling unwell during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if you’ve been vaccinated. So make sure you get your COVID-19 travel test before your flight so there is no surprises at the airport.


Planning to Travel?

Our Molecular Rapid Antigen Covid-19 and Rapid covid-19 + Flu Antigen COVID Tests satisfies airline requirements.
Each assay we perform is EUA approved per FDA and CDC guidelines.

In the rare instance that your sample needs to be retested a lab technician will be in contact with you. Stay compliant with airline requirements when travelling domestically or abroad with our Covid-19 Rapid test.

(We recommend checking with your specific destination prior to booking an appointment).

Available Tests

Patients may be able to receive reimbursement from their health insurance company for all or a portion of their COVID-19 test. Please contact your insurance company for additional information as to whether you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for your COVID-19 test and how to apply.

Rapid Covid-19 Price

Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test


1 hour test results

Gentle lower nasal swab

Travel Certificates Granted

Rapid Covid-19 + Flu Antigen Test


1 hour test results

Gentle lower nasal swab

Travel Certificates Granted

Appointment Procedure


1. Make An Appointment

Call us directly at 925-786-8020 or Book An Appointment Online. You will receive a confirmation email with information about your visit. We’re always here to assist you.


2. Arrive on Testing Day

Please give us a call when you arrive to the parking lot. Inform us the color and model of your car so we can locate you. Be patient, and a tester will meet you at your car.


3. Take your test

You will be asked a short list of questions. We will hand you a nasal swab. You will twist it in each nostril for 15 seconds and insert into the test tube. Results are within 1 hour.


4. Get your results

Your sample will be triple checked by a lab technician. Please wait to receive your results via email within 1 hour of your visit. Give us a call for further questions.